All too often people find themselves in a crisis situation and aren’t prepared financially or legally. In this seminar you will hear from financial and legal experts about how to prepare for your future and avoid scrambling to get things in order in a time of crisis. Our panel will discuss important legal considerations, ways to preserve wealth, and how to be prepared for any situation.

Losing a lifelong partner who shared in responsibilities such as finances, home maintenance, cooking, or arranging social activities can leave a giant void in one’s life.  Inevitably, most of us must one day face the reality of going from “We” to “Me”.  In this seminar, we will look at what “We” can do to be better prepared and the resources and help available to those who have expectantly or unexpectedly become a “Me”.

Presented by Senior Downsizing Experts

The class is free for seniors and their guests but space is limited so reserve your spot today!

If you are a service provider or business owner, please call 817-635-1043 prior to registering to check availability.

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