An attorney, financial planner and a funeral planner walk into a bar…sounds delightful, doesn’t it?  Seriously though, the group of professionals who will join us for this seminar have wisdom to impart to every single one of us.  This panel is one of our most popular for a reason.  When do you get 90 minutes of time from an attorney, a financial planner and a funeral planner for free?  This is a “can’t miss” opportunity!

Presented by Senior Downsizing Experts

This seminar is free for seniors and their guests but space is limited so reserve your spot today!

Thursday, May 4 – 2pm to 4pm
Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

Call 817-635-1043 or click below to reserve your spot today!

This seminar is not intended for professionals. If you are a service provider or business owner, please call 817-635-1043 prior to registering to check availability.